Get your business secured if you work with any personal information.

If your business deals with the following information then Federal Law mandates that you take measures to establish and prepare a data security plan to protect the taxpayer’s information.  



Income Data
Tax Filing Data etc.

Financial Account

Contact information
such as email

Request a Business Evaluation

Access the risk of your current business and get it categorized as “Needs attention” or “Secured”. This assessment helps you identify potential breaches and areas that require imediate attention so your business stays in compliance with IRS and FTC guidelines. Please be sure to include your business website domain name.

What happens after you request a Business Evaluation?

1. Research and Discovery

Once we receive an evaluation request complete with your information. Saber Tech experts will start by accessing your business and run a dark web search on your domain for potential breaches.

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2. WISP assessment Call

  • Review your business tops insights from the business assessment
  • Gain an understanding of industry best practices as recommended by the FTC and IRS with follow-up conversations tailored to your business security
Friendly Saber Tech Group Tech ready to help you with your cybersecurity needs
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